Father’s Day Grilling Menu & Tips

If your dad lists grilled foods as his favorite things to eat then why not create a fantastic Father’s Day meal that begins and ends with grilled perfection? We think dad should get everything he wants on his special day, so why not fire up that grill and watch dad smile.


Jalapeno Poppers on the Grill

Start the meal out right with an appetizer that will really wake up the taste buds. Jalapeno Poppers on the Grill are both spicy and creamy and full of bacony goodness!

Shish Kabobs

For the main course, try shish kabobs. If your dad has some health concerns and has to watch his red meat and fat intake, this is a perfect special occasion compromise.

Elote or Mexican Corn on the Cob

While your main dish, the shish kabob, features a number of wonderfully healthy vegetables, it just wouldn’t be right to skip the side dish, especially when it’s as incredibly delicious as this Elote or Mexican Corn on the Cob recipe. Corn on the cob is one thing, grilled it becomes another, taking on more depth of flavor, but with this recipe for Elote, a traditional Mexican treat, it becomes something so much more.

Creamy Cherry Cobbler with Pound Cake Topper

And who can skip dessert?! Well, we certainly can’t skip it on Father’s Day. We love this recipe for Creamy Cherry Cobbler with Pound Cake Topper because not only can you prepare it on the grill, but it’s full of those fresh, bright flavors that we associate with this time of year. 

Now, no Father’s Day is complete without a gift and of course a grill themed gift is the perfect idea to accompany this completely grilled meal. If you have little ones at home, we love the Father’s Day Barbeque Apron Craft because it is a hands-on craft for your kids to participate in. Otherwise, there are always new and improved grilling tools on the market or a collection of spices can add some oomph to any grilled gourmet.

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